Regisseur, editor corporate film voor Ernst & Young. In opdracht van Shoq-Studio.

6, 2016 · By David Anker


Een corporate film over XBRL.

What is XBRL and what does it mean for me?

Extensible business reporting language (XBRL) is the financial and operational business reporting offshoot of Extensible Markup Language (XML), which is a freely-licensable, open technology standard used to electronically exchange business information. XML is a universally preferred data description language used to describe the storage, manipulation and exchange data via the Internet.

The idea behind XBRL is simple. Instead of treating financial information as a static text – as in a standard internet page or a printed document, XBRL provides an identifying tag for each individual item of data, whether numeric or textual. This tag is computer readable and allows the information to be used interactively.