Regisseur corporate film Ben & Jerry’s tbv project Caring Dairy. Unilever.

3, 2016 · By David Anker


Our Caring Dairy initiative is for cooperatives that supply ingredients for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. In Europe, we launched it in 2003 in partnership with our milk producer CONO, WWF and the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands. Due to increased cream demand, in 2014 we started working with Friesland Campina. In the US, we run the programme in close cooperation with the St Albans coop in Vermont.

Caring Dairy uses a different overall assessment from our SAC, but shares the Code’s 11 indicators and is recognised as equivalent to it. It offers a practical framework for evaluating, understanding and continuously improving farm practices based on economic, social and environmental criteria. It also includes the Cow Compass to monitor animal welfare, many workshops for farmers, and data collection for all relevant sustainability key performance indicators.

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